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Emergency Department:

The emergency services offers a multitude of services all year long, 24 hours a day, providing premium care, while maintaining the quality of our service at any time, day or night. Our emergency department’s team has continuously demonstrated a wide range of skills and talents, particularly when faced with adverse situations such as explosions and war atrocities. New emergency room physicians with first-class experience have recently joined us. Their arrival has resulted into a major reorganization of the Emergency Department which has significantly enhanced our capabilities and boosted our potentials.
Our Vision is to be the best emergency services facility in Lebanon offering the best emergency care to patients. We are driven by the belief that our availability for consultation and inquiries creates an encouraging atmosphere where families of patients can easily and quickly follow up on issues relating to their loved ones. We pursue continually the appropriate qualifications to differentiate us in terms of expertise and quality of care. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach where our specialized medical team draws on in-depth knowledge within multiple related medical disciplines and diversified experiences, making available to our patients the highest level of medical care and expertise. Our standard is to process our cases with minimal wait times, always keeping our patients convenience at heart.


Our Clinical services include

  • Medical Care: We manage all types of emergencies, from simple consultations to highly critical cases, including referrals by other hospitals, doctors, or patients. Patients are cared for by highly qualified doctors specialized in emergency medicine accompanied by staff nurses with well-established expertise. We make sure that patients being admitted into our department are handled in the shortest delays, not exceeding 5 minutes for level 1 & 2 patients. Many of our patients express that we are the best amongst other hospitals in terms of our service, genuinely appreciating our team’s sense of humanity.

LAUMC-SJH has a helicopter landing zone at its disposal (the only one in Beirut whose flight jurisdiction is approved for day & night usage) which provides reach to complicated cases. Patients who are transferred from the landing zone to different emergency services are under the strict responsibility of our department and staff.

  • Surgical Care:
    Our section offers treatment for highly critical patients with conditions such as: weapon injuries, car accidents, and wounds caused by falling. We also provide simple trauma consultations on a regular basis. Our medical management of patients is highly specialized and among the best in Lebanon, compared to other hospitals, as a result of our multidisciplinary team of qualified doctors who approach their duties with distinct enthusiasm.
  • Pediatric Care:
    We provide patients the possibility of consultation with pediatricians at any time while also encouraging families to maintain coordination with hospital doctors.
  • Other Types of Care: Our unit provides specialized care for minor surgeries, wound dressings, specialized medical procedures and simple plastic surgery, etc.