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Neuro-vascular Tumors

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Neuro-vascular Tumors

Neuro-vascular Tumors: Many neurovascular tumors present in the Head and Neck region. These are usually treated surgically by total removal. They include paragangliomas that can present around the carotid artery bifurcation (carotid body tumors) or may involve vital nerves such as the vagus nerve (vagal paragangliomas). Neural tumors can also involve any nerve in the head and Neck, such as vagal schwannoma, facial nerve or sympathetic chain schwannomas. These are removed with the assistance of the intra-operative nerve monitors, in order to preserve function when possible. In cases where the nerve has to be sacrificed, surgical reconstruction is performed through nerved grafting (e.g.: facial nerve grafting, hypoglossal-facial anastomosis, sural nerve graft and others).